Use Case | AgeliX Robotics Advance Smart Agriculture Management For Tanjiawan

Use Case | AgeliX Robotics Advance Smart Agriculture Management For Tanjiawan

Recently, the agricultural delivery robots and patrol robots launched by the Tanjiawan Yunshang Agricultural pilot in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China, are all equipped with the Agelix Robotics mobile robot chassis, which can easily move independently inside and outside the agricultural plantation. Combined with advanced clouds intelligent technologies such as IOT and AI, the robots can achieve 24h all-weather agricultural plant growth data inspection and collection, to provide basic data for agricultural precision planting, automatic transportation and intelligent management.




The “Fengqi Model” Cloudfarm is located in Tanjiawan remain relic, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province and is created by Fengqi tea house, national makerspace recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Wuzhan government. It covers about an area of 700 acres which means requir many amount of labor working.





  • Agricultural intelligent delivery robot for efficient picking and delivery


Among the clusters of tomatoes, there is a black robot carrying a blue frame and moving in the field. "This is our "Panda" shuttle robot, which can help picking and delivery and help save a lot of labor." The staff introduced.




"Panda" shuttle robot uses the indoor high-speed mobile chassis TRACER of AgileX Robotics, the upper end equipped with functional modules such as Lidar, remote control ground station, jack-up device. It can replace manual realize the transportation of objects, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous navigation, automatic driving in the cloud shed.



TRACER is a two-wheel differential AGV for indoor transportation. Its compact and flexible structure enables it to freely shuttle in various indoor environments. Its has a super high delivering efficiency with high-duty playload capacity and strong power.




  • Farm patrol robot for intelligent agricultural data collection


Outside the greenhouse, the fram patrol robot is working beside the golden paddy field. It can collect the data about virus, insect pest, crops and organism growth circle and transmit back the high-definition video by 5G network. The staff can make precise control operations through the visual monitoring and management interface to realize intelligent ecological planting, intelligent insect prevention, and intelligent weeding.





SCOUT 2.0 can be customized with complex operation modes. The main control system provides a serial port/standard CAN bus as a connected interface for a series of external equipment including differential GPS, inertial navigation system, binocular camera, LiDAR, infrared/ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensors, to help farm research institutions quickly executive secondary development in multiple robotics applications, such as indoor and outdoor inspections environmental detection, fire fighting, disinfection, Geological modelling and surveying.





In addition to shuttle robot and inspect robot, there are two aerial track robots to identify diseased plant and remote diagnose on the top of agriculture proving ground, transmit to the cloud brain in real-time. The outdoor field also equipped with 5G network-based plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle, realize accurate, efficient and real-time disinfection with time delay less than 20ms.




About AgileX Robotics


Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading robot chassis manufacturer and mobile robot system solution provider in China. At present, AgileX Robotics has launched mobile robot chassis products such as general UGV, indoor small AGV and modified wire-controlled electric robot, which can serve in security inspection, industrial park, agricultural irrigation, logistics and transportation, detection and exploration, scientific research and education. Providing customers with stable performance, reliable quality and 7*12 h worry-free after-sales service.

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