Mobile ALOHA is a whole-body remote operation data collection system developed by Zipeng Fu, Tony Z. Zhao, and Chelsea Finn from Stanford University.

Its hardware is based on 4 robotic arms , equipped with 2 wrist cameras and 1 top camera, and a mobile base from AgileX Robotics Tracer differential motion robot.

Based on Mobile Aloha, AgileX developed Cobot Magic, which can achieve the complete code of Mobile ALOHA, with higher configurations and lower costs, and is equipped with larger-load robotic arms and high-computing power industrial computers. 

Simulation Data Training

Set up the Mobile Aloha software
environment for data and model training across simulated and real-world environments.

Data Collection

Users can flexibly accomplish a wide range of everyday tasks by controlling the teaching robot arm, from basic pick and place operations to more sophisticated skills.

Unleash the Bimanual MobileManipulation

Navigate cluttered spaces, watering flowers, opening boxes, grasp and manipulate delicate objects, and even cook a simple meal.