Small Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

The cobots kit offers safe, efficient, and flexible cooperation modes. It is capable of autonomous navigation, motion control, visual recognition, and robotic arm manipulation, aiming to address the high integration challenges and technical complexities of deploying mobile robots in complex application scenarios.

Ranger Mini 2.0 employs a Four Wheel Independent Steering system, facilitating agile maneuverability within industrial environments. Integrated with 4*100W harmonic gear drives and 4*350W motor control systems, the Mini 2.0 achieves a 0 turning radius and seamless 360° in-situ rotation, ensuring effortless maneuverability.

360° Pan-Tilt Rotation

Equipped with a 360° pan-tilt function, Cobot S offers a wide field of view, enhancing its interactivity and enabling flexible adaptation to various scenarios.

Perception and Decision-Making

Featuring advanced perception technologies including LiDAR, IMU, and visual perception, Cobot S accurately senses the surrounding environment, better understanding task scenarios and execution requirements.

Efficient Collaboration

Capable of grasping and moving objects, facilitating effective interaction with the surroundings.charging and hot swapping, effectively minimizing downtime.


Intelligent Navigation

Safely navigates and executes tasks in diverse environments using its sensors.

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