4WD Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

Ranger is an exceptional omnidirectional robot designed to effortlessly navigate both indoor and outdoor environments, adapting to their dynamic nature. Moreover, it excels in carrying substantial payloads with ease.

Ranger is a four-wheel drive robot with servo hub motors for agile movement. It's great for autonomous driving, offering precise trajectory tracking. Optional sensors like LiDAR and cameras help with environment perception.

Modular Design for Customization

RANGER's robust design supports hefty 150 KG payloads. Its modular architecture enables seamless customization through free module combinations, allowing users to tailor solutions precisely to their unique needs.

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension

Featuring a Four-Wheel Independent Suspension system, this robot excels in navigating challenging terrains with ease. With an 150 kg load capacity, it enhances maneuverability, passability, and safety, especially on terrains with slopes exceeding 10°

Enhanced Power System

Ranger prioritizes uninterrupted operation with its Hot Swap Modular Battery System. Moreover, the system enables efficient fast charging and hot swapping, effectively minimizing downtime.