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AgileX Robotics and The Construct have collaborated to bring you comprehensive ROS2 courses centered around the LIMO robot.
479 usd (For individual)
3200 usd (For students & teacher)
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Explore LIMO Courses

Unlock LIMO's full potential with our premium courses. Master cutting-edge robotics and ROS capabilities, taking your skills to the next level.

Course 1: Basics of Robotics with Limo Robot

Goal: Teach basic robotics concepts and Python programming. Final Project: Plot sensor data and compute Limo's odometry.

Course 2: Mastering ROS 2 with Limo Robot

Goal: Teach ROS 2 basics with Python, and 2D or 3D navigation. Final Project: Implement obstacle avoidance using laser data.

Course 3: Master Mobile Manipulators with Limo

Goal: Teach pick and place tasks with a mobile manipulator . Final Project: Create a full pick and place solution for Limo PRO.

Course 4: NVIDIA Deep Learning with Limo

Goal: Teach deep learning using NVIDIA libraries and Jetson Nano. Final Project: Integrate deep learning algorithms to follow a person and avoid obstacles.

Who can learn?

Beginners and Enthusiasts, Students, Startups, Developers, Researchers, and Professionals.

What you'll learn

1. ROS 2 Basic Concepts
2. ROS 2 Topics
3. Mapping
4. Robot Localization in the Environment
5. Path Planning in ROS 2
6. Obstacle Avoidance in ROS 2
7. RTAB-Map Basic Concepts
8. Autonomous Navigationwith RTAB-Map

Deep Learning Model Demo

Demo of Deep Learning Models, ROS-Based Mapping, and Navigation showcases how to utilize Jetson Nano for running AI models and integrating with ROS to achieve effective environmental mapping and robot navigation
Vision Line Following
YOLO Object Recognition
Target Detection and Tracking Control