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The ROS 2 Edu Kit is the world's first open-source navigation education kit for ROS 2 mobile robots. It enables obstacle avoidance, route following, and unknown environment exploration. This kit offers hands-on experience with intelligent robotics for both beginners and enthusiasts.

ROS 2 EDU Kit Available in Two Versions

The ROS2 EDU KIT is an innovative development kit designed for robotics enthusiasts, students, and researchers. Compatible with various chassis platforms, it offers two models to suit different needs:

ROS 2 EDU Lite:

Featuring a 2D LIDAR for basic scanning and mapping.

ROS 2 EDU Pro:

Equipped with a 3D LIDAR for advanced environmental perception.

Features of The ROS2 EDU Kit

Despite its compact size, allowing it to be easily mounted on Agile X's chassis platforms, the kit packs a powerful punch. It's built around the ROS 2 Foxy framework and includes essential components for autonomous navigation:
1.LiDAR for precise distance measurements
2. IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) for motion sensing
3. Depth camera for 3D vision
4. Additional sensors for comprehensive environmental data

Wide-ranging Applications

The ROS2 EDU kit is powered by an X86 processor running Ubuntu 20.04. This setup supports advanced systems like NAV 2 for navigation and Gazebo 11 for simulation. A key feature is its full compatibility with the latest official NAV functions. Its open-source environment makes it versatile for use in fields such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, surveillance, and security.