The Dedicated Educational Development Kit

The platform features a camera and a 360° LiDAR for exploration. Pre-installed sensor drivers make it easy to begin. You can add more sensors with integration spaces. Compatible tools include Gazebo, NoMachine, and Viz for convenience.


The Scout Mini robot ensures rapid deployment and assessment in various scenarios with its compact and lightweight design, improving response times. Its maneuverability enables navigation through tight spaces and challenging terrains, making it versatile for tasks such as inspections, photography, and exploration.

Dual-wheel options

Scout Mini Development Kit simplifies robotics research with integrated sensors and a pre-installed NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer. Ideal for indoor SLAM, Navigation, and Vision applications, it accelerates research without complex system integration.

On the Robust Nvidia Xavier

SCOUT MINI R &D PRO version boasts a Nvidia Xavier at its core, featuring a 64-bit ARM v8.2 CPU, a Tensor Core Volta GPU, and 32 GB of LPDDR4x memory, making it suitable for high-performance applications. It comes with pre-installed Linux and ROS Ubuntu 18.4.

High-precision LiDAR

SCOUT MINI Pro is equipped with a 16-beam 3D 360° LiDAR that offers horizontal and vertical scanning capabilities, delivering an impressive maximum range of 150 meters.