Small Tracked Mobile Robot

BUNKER MINI is a compact tracked mobile robot specifically designed to tackle demanding off-road terrains, as well as confined and challenging work areas. With its exceptional capabilities, it excels at preventing the infiltration of sand, dust, and water.

BUNKER MINI is a small size, off road and industrial leading IP67protection tracked mobile robot chassis for in challenging and narrow working environments. lt can effectively prevent the ingress of sand, dust and water.

Powerful Performance

BUNKER MINI efficiently repels sand, dust, and water, making it perfect for tough environments. This compact UGV excels in off-road performance indoors and outdoors.

Small Size Big Payload

BUNKER MINI is a compact and modular design with dimensions of 660*584*281MM. It can handle up to 25KG load for different detection equipment and robotic arm platforms.

Expansion and Secondary Development

BUNKER MINI offers aluminum T-slot rails for secure mounting of external sensors or kits. It supports CAN bus protocol for connections and provides open-source SDK and software resources for expanded capabilities.