Multi-modal ROS Mobile Manipulator Robot

LIMO Cobot integrates Mycobot 280 M5 and Nvidia Orin Nano for autonomous features. It supports navigation, obstacle avoidance, mapping, mobile grasping, and visual recognition. it ideal for education, competitions, and training.

LIMO's Four-Wheel Differential Steering Mode makes driving on any surface easy. Whether it's smooth concrete or sandy roads, it performs well. This flexibility is beneficial for developers researching various applications.

Mobile Grasping

LIMO Cobot features a 6-DoF robotic arm supporting various end-effectors, allowing for precise mobile grasping to fulfill diverse task requirements

Autonomous Mapping

LIMO Cobot autonomously senses and constructs precise environmental maps, offering accurate data support for navigating complex spaces.

Obstacle Avoidance

LIMO Cobot can intelligently perceive its surrounding environment and flexibly navigate to avoid obstacles, ensuring safe task execution.

Open Source Support

Supports ROS and Gazebo platforms, compatible with mainstream programming languages like Python and C++. Encourages users to expand or develop robotics applications.presentations, and code samples, simplifying the teaching and learning process