High-Performance Cobot Kit for Research and Industry

The high performance autonomous cobot Kit for robot educational research and commercial applications development.

A Robust Platform for Industrial and Educational Projects. Features 6-DOF robotic arm, camera, 16-channel LiDAR, high-performance CPU, 4G router, IP54 monitor. Ensures precise navigation and grasping. Compatible with AgileX robot for diverse applications

Quick mapping

The Cobot Kit, powered by ROS, boasts a long-range, high-precision multi-beam LiDAR. It effortlessly provides 3D point cloud data for mapping, navigation, and positioning without the complexity of configuring LiDAR ROS nodes.

A Flexible Robotic Arm for Easy Grasping

Cobot Kit with AUBO i5/xArm6 robotic arm can meet various requirements for the payload, working radius (819-886mm), and positioning precision. lt also allows close human-robot interaction during grasping tasks without a safety fence.

Perfect Design for Precise Grasping

Cobot Kit utilizes adaptive electric grippers, delivering precision and robust grasping capabilities. With a -0.03mm positioning precision and 160N maximum grasping force, it adapts to target objects with up to 5 contact points.