Small Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

Ranger Mini 2.0 is designed specifically for industrial applications. This revolutionary mobile robot introduces innovative features to enhance its performance.

Ranger Mini 2.0 employs a Four Wheel Independent Steering system, facilitating agile maneuverability within industrial environments. Integrated with 4*100W harmonic gear drives and 4*350W motor control systems, the Mini 2.0 achieves a 0 turning radius and seamless 360° in-situ rotation, ensuring effortless maneuverability.

Agile Performance Across Environments

Ranger Mini combines the agility of the Scout series with the robustness of the Hunter series, offering superior flexibility and performance in both indoor and outdoor environments

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension

Featuring a Four-Wheel Independent Suspension system, this robot excels in navigating challenging terrains with ease. With an 80 kg load capacity, it enhances maneuverability, passability, and safety, especially on terrains with slopes exceeding 15°

Enhanced Power System

Ranger Mini 2.0 prioritizes uninterrupted operation with its Hot Swap Modular Battery System. Moreover, the system enables efficient fast charging and hot swapping, effectively minimizing downtime.