AgileX Robotics Launched Tracked-mobile Robot Chassis BUNKER Pro with IP67 Prote

AgileX Robotics Launched Tracked-mobile Robot Chassis BUNKER Pro with IP67 Prote

On November 3, 2021, China, AgileX Robotics, a leading mobile robot chassis manufacturer and autonomous robotics solution provider, launched a tracked-type unmanned driving vehicle BUNKER Pro boasting super high off-road mobility and high-level lP67 protection. It is a better platform to expand robotics applications in challenging terrains like soft soils, steep grades, puddles, box culverts, for industry robotic engineers to quickly deploy the autonomous robot applications spanning inspections, exploration, EOD, video shooting, unmanned transportation and more.


The BUNKER Pro has a high-level ingress protection design for its overall structure, materials and external electrical components, making it meet the IP67 protection requirements against sand, dust and water.



BUNKER Pro waterproof testing-Customer case for mapping in box culvert

The integrated, advanced suspension systems and reinforced shock absorbers bring the BUNKER Pro a unique anti-collision design to tackle tough and damp terrains. The highly flexible BUNKER Pro has a very low centre of gravity, where equipped with the 1500W dual-motor drive to demonstrate super-strong performance in obstacle crossing with a height of 18 cm,and a climbing capability of 30 degrees.







Thanks to multi accessible hardware CAN interfaces and a strong load capacity of up to 120kg,along with preload ROS nodes, the BUNKER Pro can be fully equipped with various inspection and mapping equipment with inclusive sensor LiDAR, Camera, IMU, IPC, and more autonomous system. The BUNKER Pro supports advanced open-source architecture like ROS packages, Autoware and more. AgileX Robotics also provides rich open-source SDK and ROS_PACKAGE and comprehensive user manuals for developers.


Moreover, the powerful onboard battery supports up to 3 hours of continuous operation and can supply power to external devices to provide extra insurance for the robot to carry out different tasks.


AgileX Robotics has helped robotics developers in more than 26 countries deploy more than 1000 robotics applications in all industry. If your team need advice for deploying any robot on AgileX robot chassis, please contact the AgileX Robotics software and hardware team via For the Bunker Pro now is available and for more information check the link via


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