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UMR is an advanced, versatile industrial robotic platform. Its innovative design, integrated NAVIS navigation system, and independent hub motors accommodate diverse applications and excel in challenging environments. With AgileX Robotics' easy-to-use software, UMR fits right into your workplace and gets to work fast, making automation simpler than ever.
80 KG




1.5 M/S


Universal Adaptability

UMR is engineered to be the ultimate universal solution for industrial robotics. Its innovative design allows for easy integration with existing systems and rapid adaptation to various scenarios. With open API support and the Navis Plus module, UMR can be quickly customized for specific applications, enabling researchers and engineers to accelerate their development cycles and achieve results faster.

Robust & All-Environment

Built with industrial-grade materials and featuring an IP65 rating, UMR withstands harsh environments. Its four independent hub motors enable navigation through challenging terrains and tight spaces with ease. UMR performs consistently from -10°C to 40°C, excelling in both indoor and outdoor industrial settings.

Advanced Navigation

UMR's integrated Navis system sets a new standard for robotic navigation. With the ability to map areas over 2 million square meters and achieve positioning accuracy of ±2cm, UMR provides unparalleled precision in complex environments. Its intelligent path planning and obstacle avoidance ensure smooth operations in dynamic settings.

Safety-First Design

UMR uses 15 advanced sensors to see everything around it. This 360-degree vision helps it work safely alongside people in busy factories. UMR's smart awareness makes it a great choice for modern industrial spaces where robots and humans work together.

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