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Hunter 2.0 is specifically developed to excel in low-speed autonomous driving scenarios. It is equipped with front-wheel Ackerman steering and rocker suspension, enabling it to effectively navigate obstacles encountered on its path. Furthermore, the new-generation power system enhances its payload capacity and extends its endurance capabilities for superior performance.
150 KG


240 MIN


1.5 M/S



Excellent Payload Capacity

Hunter 2.0's high load capacity enhances productivity, adaptability, worker safety, accuracy, and system integration. It effortlessly handles heavy objects, boosting production, reducing costs, and improving working conditions.

High Endurance Scenarios

Hunter 2.0 is ideal for high-endurance situations with its car-like chassis, reduced tire wear, front-wheel steering, and rocker suspension, making it perfect for navigating speed bumps.

Adaptable and Scalable

The robot's modular design allows for easy reconfiguration and reassembly, making it adaptable to different task requirements. Hunter 2.0 can perform various tasks

Expansion and Secondary Development

HUNTER 2.0 offers aluminum T-slot rails for secure mounting of external sensors or kits. It supports CAN bus protocol for connections and provides open-source SDK and software resources for expanded capabilities.

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