Use Case丨AgileX Robotics Teams Up With China Construction Third Engineering Bure

Use Case丨AgileX Robotics Teams Up With China Construction Third Engineering Bure

Recently, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau,the world's largest and 18th ranking outstanding vanguard of Chinese construction investment and construction group among the world's top 500 companies, cooperated with AgileX Robotics on the high-precision engineering road measurement robot equipped with AgileX Robotics all-around and compact robot chassis SCOUT 2.0. The AgileX Robotics SCOUT 2.0 has strong operation endurance and flexibly autonomous mobility, and can perfectly adapt to all-weather and help robotics achieve accurate road measurement in high-intensity and high-temperature environments.




With more than 1years development, the high-precision engineering road measurement robot, independently developed by the Engineering Technology Research Institute of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, completed more than 20 kilometres of road measurement testing in the Wuhan Fourth Ring Road Project, which marks it qualified for road engineering applications to measure and collect road data with higher efficiency and less measurement error.


The high-precision mobile measuring robot for road engineering integrates functions such as automatic driving, automatic levelling, automatic station setting, and automatic measurement. It is applied in the road engineering industry for the first time. The robot's comprehensive measurement accuracy is within 2 millimetres, breaking through the centimetre-level accuracy limits in the global road engineering industry. The comprehensive measurement speed is 8 seconds/point, which rises over 10 times of working efficiency than traditional manual measurement methods.


Automatic driving



The position and navigation system based on multi-sensor fusion can realize high-precision location navigation and automatic driving(include obstacle avoidance and detouring)

Parking accuracy ≤ 0.3m

Course angle accuracy ≤ 0.3°


Automatic leveling



With automatic leveling equipment and control system, the one-key automatic leveling can be realized, and the leveling accuracy reaches 10’, which is far beyond the accuracy required by the total station.


Automatic station setting



Using spatial coordinate to quickly identify and aim at three 360°prism with know position, to realize the rapid and accurate station setting of the total station.

The station setting accuracy rate is 99%, station setting accuracy less than 0.2mm, station setting time is within 30 seconds.


Automatic measuring

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Through the laser no contact measuring method, the robot can accurately find the point of the section for measurement, and directly generate the measuring data and forms that meet engineering quality control and check and acceptance requirements.




In addition, the robot can achieve 24-hour road measurement operation under all-weather including high-temperature, extreme cold, and low oxygen environments, to effectively solve the low-efficiency problem of the traditional manual point-by-point road measurement method, reducing labour costs by 80%.




Also, the robot can achieve 24 hours continuous measurement, which is useful for solving traditional road construction and reducing personnel input by 80%. It can also work in high temperature, extreme cold, and low oxygen environments.


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Compared with the previous generation, the AgileX Robotics chassis SCOUT 2.0's size is reduced by 25% with strong performance, bringing the advantages of lower consumption and longer operating time. Equipped with a 200W brushless and a new cooling system and safety protection system, plus the four-wheel drive and differential rotation, it can ensure automoving freely indoors and outdoors and in complex environments and weathers.


SCOUT 2.0 has an independent main control system that can complete its own motion control, and can be customized with complex operation modes. The main control system provides a serial port/standard CAN bus as a connected interface for a series of external equipment including differential GPS, inertial navigation system, binocular camera, LiDAR, infrared/ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensors, to help enterprises and scientific research institutions quickly executive secondary development in multiple robotics applications, such as indoor and outdoor inspections environmental detection, transportation, delivery and distribution.  


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About  China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Ltd.CO

China Construction Third Bureau, the world's largest and ranks the 18th outstanding vanguard of Chinese construction investment and construction group among the world's top 500 companies. It is China's first industry-wide housing construction general contracting super enterprise and ranks among the top 100 competitive enterprises in China's construction industry.