Trainees visited AgileX Robotics for technical communcation

Trainees visited AgileX Robotics for technical communcation

October 24, 2020, undergraduates in industrial design major from the School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing (SDIM) of Southern University of Science and Technology of China, as well as 2019 and 2020 graduate students, went to AgileX Robotics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. under the leadership of Professor Xiaoping Hong to inspect and learn on the spot. AgileX Robotics co-founder, CTO, SDIM corporate mentor  Yixuan Jiang, as well as colleagues from the R&D department and business team gave the students an on-site technology demonstration and industry experience sharing.





Teacher and student of Design and Intelligent Manufacturing (SDIM) of Southern University of Science and Technology of China went to AgileX Robotics for technical exchanges

Yixuan Jiang led the teachers and students to visit the SCOUT 2.0 robot chassis production line, and though the actual operation of representative products such as TRACER(indoor AGV), HUNTER 2.0(front steering UGV), SCOUT MINI(all-terrain high-speed UGV), analysis the characteristics of each series of product, product design process, and the design points of the robot chassis.


Yixuan Jiang analyzed the characteristics of AgileX Robotics various series of products for teachers and students


Yixuan Jiang also explained to the students that the qualities to be a true "system architect" need to possess from the perspective of business, combining his own technical entrepreneurship. Yixuan Jiang said that the system architect is the instructor of the technical route and the soul of the development team. A veritable system architect not only has mastered textbook knowledge and strong skills, but also have the ability of systematic thinking from point to area, and the judgment of insight into the truth in complex environments. He/She should be a person with good at professional  training, rich practical experience, teamwork, communication skills, independent learning ability, and lifelong learning ability.



Yixuan Jiang share the technological entrepreneurial course with students


Through this demonstration, students combined with enterprise product examples, intuitively learned and understood user’s pain points and demand analysis, using design thinking to design products, product development processes, circuit design, Raspberry Pi embedded programmable, sensor applications, signal processing, computer vision, prototype development and iteration process, processing and assemble methods, those knowledge taught by the professors in the course . The students all expressed that they have gained different new experiences when reviewing their book knowledge and learning course,. This is exactly the goal of blended learning in SDIM new engineering teaching model.

SDIM Industrial Design major will be officially launched in the fall of 2020. The learning project of this semester is “Mobile Transportation Vehicle”. Students will learn and master design, machinery, materials, electronics, advanced manufacturing and other disciplines during the process.


Students actually operate and have an intimate understanding of the essentials of robot design




Students visit AgileX Robotics chassis production line on the spot


At the beginning of the establishment of the college, AgileX Robotics established a closed cooperative and interactive relationship with the college. Its founders Jidong Wei and Yixuan Jiang based on their personal experience, strongly agree with the new engineering teaching model. The two young entrepreneurs have been hired as the first batch of corporate mentors at the college's first "Da Vinci Challenge Camp-Winter Camp" in 2019, and they have been to the college many times to provide guidance and exchanges on new engineering teaching. In the future, the two parties will continue to conduct in-depth cooperation in personnel training and technology research and development.



Yixuan Jiang Introduced AgileX Robotics four-whee-drive front and rear Ackerman chassis to students



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