Customer Cases Sharing

Customer Cases Sharing

In the previous article, we introduced the functions and performance of each chassis, and application scenario.


Today, we would like to share where our users use the chassis after secondary development and what functions have been implemented. Are these application scenarios and functions exceed your expectations? Now let's check it out.



Security & inspections

The security and inspections is currently the most widely used field. The outdoor security & inspections robots can be used for patrols in chemical plants, streets, warehouses and other places with sensors installed.


Outdoor security & inspections robots


For example, Mind PointEye has developed an intelligent inspection robotwith automatic intelligent route planning and navigation functions base on SCOUT. Though local intelligent video analysis technology, itachieves the alarm function when abnormal intrusion and fights happens.


 Mind PointEye—Intelligent patrol inspection robot

Based on the AgileX Robotics Autowalker navigation kit ,added lidar, ultrasonic radar, camera and other sensors, our customer developed a construction site patrol inspection robotto complete the function of video recording, face recognition, automatic aviod-obstacle, automatic track inspection from day and night, which is able to reduce labor costs.


Worksite patrol inspection robot


Desert greening

Leaded by professor Zhang Xinyu, the team of the Intelligent Robot Motion and Vision Laboratory of the School of Software Engineering of East China Normal University designed and developed a "tree planting robot cluster", which equipped with robotic arms and other sensors to tackle the land desertification and help ecological restoration. The news, the robot cluster tested for planting trees in Alxa, Inner Mongolia, was reported by CCTV.


Tree planting robot


5G Application

With the construction of 5G sites, AgileX Robotics teamed up with Huawei Honor to use Honor V30 (a 5G smartphone) remote control disinfection robot. Using Honor V30 as the control terminal, through the blessing of the 5G signal, it is easy to realize remote control for thousands of miles, without the need for personnel to be present, effectively improving the working environment of front-line workers and achieving zero-distance contact.


AgileX Robotics FreeWalker is a remote beyond-line-of-sight driving kit based on the 4/5G mobile network. Based on the 4/5G’s large broadband and low delay, users can control mobile robots beyond-line-of-sight to complete complex tasks without being disturbed by factors such as distance and environment. The kit has two version: the first one is the cockpit version which is suitable for remote driving in a special fixed position, and the second one is the portable version which is suitable for mobile or at the scene remote driving. At present, the FreeWalker kit has been deployed in the operator's 5G showroom, enable consumers to more intuitively see the revolutionary application scenarios brought by 5G.



 FreeWalker Kit

Based on the AgileX Robotics mobile chassis and 4/5G remote driving kit, Weston Robot successfully developed an unmanned disinfection robot suitable for indoor and outdoor to complete remote unmanned disinfection work. This achievement was widely reported by news media such as CNA as an advanced anti-epidemic measure, and was cited by mathwork as a case.



So far, AgileX Robotics has had a cooperation with more than 100 universities at home and abroad, including Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Haebin Institute of Technology, Nanyang Technological University. And established college-enterprises cooperation with SUSTC and DGUT to conduct researches such as motion control, machine perception and ROS open source in the field of mobile robot chassis. AgileX Robotics has started building the wprldwideROS open source ecosystem, and dedicated to build a top ROS learning and communication platform for schools and scientific researchers .



One university use case


Agilex Robotics

Agilex Robotics Co.,Ltd.(Agile·X Robotics, be abbreviated to AGX)is a mobile robot R&D and manufacture. It product series include: general UGV, wire-controlled electric vehicle, outdoor unmanned vehicles, etc. Though continuous innovation, AgileX Robotics designs leading mobile robot products, and optimization of deeply cultivates technical details. And dedicated to providing solution and mobile robot products with strongest performance and best experience to industry demand users.