AgileX Robotics Unveils Mobile Manipulator Development Platform A high-precision

AgileX Robotics Unveils Mobile Manipulator Development Platform A high-precision

August 16, 2021, AgileX Roboticsa leading robot chassis manufacturer and mobile robot system solution provider, unveils a powerful Mobile Manipulator. Backed by AgileX various adaptable robot chassis, it provides researchers a high-precision and easy-programmable software and hardware platform that easy to kickstart any industrial applications and R&D project in robotics.


The AgileX Mobile Manipulator is a easy configuration system that can achieve robust autonomous performance of accurate grasping operations, autonomous positioning and navigation, route planning and obstacle avoidance. It is compatibles with a 6-degree-of-freedom (DOF) AUBO-i5/xArm6 robotic arm that can meet various requirements for the grasping accuracy, high payload, working radius (819-886mm),close human-robot interaction safety. With a repeated positioning precision of ±0.03mm and a maximum grasping force of 160N, it can grasp up to 5 contact points of an object and auto-adapt to the shape of the target object.

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Based on Agilex’s open source ROS package, the Manipulator’s equipped 16 lasers LiDAR and Intel Realsense depth camera allow it to obtain real-time high precision autonomous mapping, navigation, and positioning without additional configuration of LiDAR ROS nodes.

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In addition to the official equipped sensors, it is a powerful programmable platform that can easily to be customized with other sensors according to the customer's project needs, and backed by the Manipulator’s built-in open source ROS operating system makes it really a one-stop unparalleled hardware and software platform for researcher.

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The Mobile Manipulator can be friendly adaptable to AgileX Robotics’ full lines up of mobile chassis including the tracked-driven Bunker, all-round UGV Scout2.0, Ackerman-steering Hunter2.0, Omni-directional driven Ranger Mini. Hereby, the AgileX Mobile Manipulator not only can easily handle the indoor industry applications, but also broadly tackle though outdoor scenarios such as orchards and agriculture, mining and more, with effortless mobility through soft soils, vegetation, thick muds, and steep grades,and stairs.


About AgileX Robotics


Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading mobile robot chassis and customized unmanned driving solution provider with a vision to enable all industries to improve productivity and efficiency through robot technology. We has developed a full line-up of industry-leading robotics chassis that fully meet all industries requirements, including general UGV, indoor AGV, tracked chassis and many of them obtained CE certification. Back by mature software capabilities, AgileX Robotics also provides customized autonomous driving solutions,including parallel driving solutions, robot R&D kits, mobile manipulator, and autopilot kit to enable customers to accelerate the development and verification of their autonomous driving and robotics projects.


With the in-depth cooperation with over a thousand enterprises including Alibaba, Huawei, Honda, the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, and over fifty global top universities, AgileX Robotics has deployed more than one thousand applications in a range of industries purposes including autonomous driving, academic research, agriculture management, geographic surveying industries, and more.


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