AgileX Robotics Completes Series A Funding Round For Next-Gen Commercial Mobile

AgileX Robotics Completes Series A Funding Round For Next-Gen Commercial Mobile

In July 2021, AgileX Robotics,  a leading provider of mobile robot chassis and customized unmanned driving solutions, has completed a round of funding on a cutting-edge commercial mobile robotics project.


The latest round of funding for AgileX Robotics’ 100 million RMB project was completed with the assistance of investors such as Sequoia Capital China, 5Y Capital, Vertex Ventures China, and the Hong Kong X Technology Fund. Each of the investors is amongst the top ventures institutions, having successfully invested and incubated successful Chinese unicorn companies such as DJI, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and


"Thanks to the support and trust of all-star capitals, AgileX Robotics will accelerate the development of commercialized outdoor low-speed autonomous driving robotics for full industries to increase the working productivity, backed by AgileX Robotics high-performance mobile chassis matrix and AI software capability," says Jidong Wei, AgileX Robotics Founder and CEO, who also co-founded the DJI RoboMaster Robotics Competition when working for DJI.


“With powerful engineering and manufacture capabilities, AgileX Robotics multiple-load expansion interface standardized robot chassis has transmitted the extremely fragmented outdoor mobile robot requirements to an R&D standard, and through customized perception and autonomous driving solutions, the threshold and cost for mobile robot development and research are greatly reduced, greatly iteration speed is greatly accelerated,” said Peter Chen, Executive Director of 5Y Capital.


Pu Xun, Vice President of Sequoia Capital China, said: "Agilex Robotics is one of a kind in China that has achieved standardization of mobile robot chassis. We believe that Agilex Robotics will bring next-gen low-speed unmanned robotics commercial application products to more outdoor industries soon."


About AgileX Robotics

Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading mobile robot chassis and customized unmanned driving solution provider with a vision to enable all industries to improve productivity and efficiency through robot technology. 


AgileX Robotics has developed a full line-up of industry-leading robotics chassis that fully meet all industries’ requirements, including general UGV, indoor AGV, tracked chassis and many of them obtained CE certification. Backed by mature software capabilities, AgileX Robotics also provides customized autonomous driving solutions, including parallel driving solutions, robot R&D kits, mobile manipulators, and autopilot kits to enable customers to accelerate the development and verification of their autonomous driving and robotics projects.


The company’s core teams come from leading companies such as DJI and Mathworks and well-known scientific research institutions. With the in-depth cooperation with over a thousand enterprises including Alibaba, Huawei, Honda, the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, and over fifty global top universities, AgileX Robotics has deployed more than one thousand applications in a range of industries purposes including autonomous driving, academic research, agriculture management, geographic surveying industries, and more.


You can learn more about AgileX Robots, their products, solutions, and the latest news about the robot system developments, by visiting the website at



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