AgileX Robotics

Founded in 2016, is a leading provider of mobile robot chassis and customized unmanned driving solutions, aiming to enhance productivity and efficiency across industries through innovative robotic technology.

Comprehensive Product Line

AgileX offers a full range of industry-leading robotic chassis, including UGVs, AGVs, and tracked vehicles, with products that have obtained CE certification.

Customizable Solutions

The company provides versatile robot development kits, mobile manipulators, and autopilot systems, enabling rapid deployment of AI robot projects across various industries.

Expert Team and Partnerships

With a core team from renowned companies and research institutions, AgileX collaborates with over 1,000 enterprises and 50+ top global universities.

Widespread Application

AgileX has successfully deployed over 1,000 applications in diverse fields, including autonomous driving, academic research, agriculture, and geographic surveying.

Strong Partnerships with Distributors