AGILEX ECO :ROS training courses at National University of Singapore

AGILEX ECO :ROS training courses at National University of Singapore

Since the activity "Building an AgileX Ecosystem" has launched on June 24, AgileX Robotics has received many cases and open source demos from many users at home and abroad. Previously we shared three simulation videos contributed by Dr. Xianyu Qi from the Bionic Mobile Robot Laboratory of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, BUAA. Dr. Qi used the open-source simulation environment of GAZEBO provided by the AgileX SCOUT 2.0 robot to realize Active SLAM, Pedestrian following and Multi-target navigation. Click the link to see the videos.

What I want to share today is the ROS training course conducted by our Singapore agents at the National University of Singapore. The training course mainly around how to develop robot applications, how to understand the development tools used by robots in different environments, and how to send and receive data from robots.


Robot Operating System(ROS), as an open-source software system, is equivalent to a kind of “Robot Frameworks” in some respects to build a universal robot software platform that can integrate different research results, realize algorithm release and code reuse.


ROS is a system with a steep learning curve, covers a wide range of knowledge. While conducting theoretical knowledge training, there is also a robot(SCOUT 2.0) on the scene, which is convenient for students to follow the actual operation of the lecturer, quickly master main technologies, deeply understand ROS development methods, and how to apply to the actual scenarios.


Students are learning to disassemble commercial robots


students are discussing


Through this training activity, the trainees said that they had a preliminary understanding of the ROS system and the SCOUT 2.0 robot’s actual operation is helpful for the learning of the ROS system, and follow-up learning. Here, we would like to express our gratitude to our Singapore agents for their training at the National University of Singapore and hope that they will open more training courses in local institutions. At the same time, to encourage more users to participate in the AgileX Ecosystem, we will provide more support and assistance.